anjj lee has played for audiences around the world and enjoys the creation of passionate sound that audiences enjoy. She’s a singer/songwriter and sings a variety of cover songs and originals including a range of ballads, contemporary, classic rock and alternative rock. She performs with the belief that love is conveyed through spiritual vibrations and when she sings, she aims to instill everyone with good vibrations.

Born in Montreal, Canada, anjj lee began singing, at a very young age, in French. She traveled to Germany, her father’s home, where she met her grandfather, a well-respected ethical journalist/ publisher, and her grandmother, an acclaimed opera singer on stage and on film during WWII.

anjj lee returned to Hawaii, the birthplace of her mother, and began learning to play the piano from her father, and the ukulele from her grandmother. Her first song was written at the age of 12, and it was called, “SHARE A LITTLE LOVE.” It was a major epiphany for her to have developed the format and complete an entire song while she was alone, and she did it independently as if something in the air was helping her.

“I often feel as though something beautiful is speaking through me, as though I am only a channel for something that is not me, to come through. It is my way of connecting with the spiritual realm.” - anjj lee

Travel has been an important learning experience for anjj lee; she was able to sing and play in many different towns in cafes, on stage, in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, and the U.S. But having fun is only a part of the reason she loves music.

“Music has a soul of its own. Those of us who are lucky enough to touch its soul and communicate it to others are very fortunate. I find that I often lose myself in the intoxication of passion that music surrounds my entire being with. It is the purest form of self-love and world-love and an extremely powerful communication channel that reaches people in a way no other message can.” - anjj lee

You are listening to Anjj Lee's song "FIRE" . Click HERE for lyrics. Produced by Monkey Fuzz Records.


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